Fulton Meadows Ice Rink

Due to the unfavorable weather conditions, the opening of our Snowbank Rink is postponed until next season (November/December 2022).

Snowbank Rink located at 2540 Maple Way NW

      • Open Daily from 8:00am - 9:00pm

      • Hockey sticks & pucks are permitted ONLY (at your own risk):

7:00-9:00pm (Mon-Fri)

8:00-10:00am (Sat-Sun)

      • Skate at your own risk.

      • ASTM certified helmets required for children under 18.

      • Dress for the weather.

      • Do not damage the rink facilities in any way and immediately report damages.

      • Put all garbage in the provided bins.

      • Be respectful of other skaters and their belongings.

In accordance with the City of Edmonton bylaws, and the Alberta Government health regulations, and in the interest of the safety of you and your family, please adhere to these guidelines.