FMCL is currently looking for someone to fill the role of Neighbourhood Watch Leader. If you are interested in serving in this position, please contact us.

Our Neighbourhood Watch Program has now launched!

What It Is:

Volunteers sign up and get information on types of suspicious activity to look for and how best to report it to police so that action can be taken. The more people who sign up, the greater our network of "watchers" will be to deter criminal and suspicious activity in our community. And the more people who sign up, the more permanent signs we can get for our community to let criminals know we are watching!

What It Isn't:

The program does not include citizen patrols of the neighbourhood to intervene in crime as it is happening. Edmonton Police Service prefers that residents please report suspicious activity or crimes online, or by calling 780-423-4567 to allow trained officers to address crimes in progress.

Sign up or get more information about our Neighbourhood Watch Program by contacting

To find out more about how you can secure your home, check out this Protect Your Home Tip Sheet from Edmonton Police Service or visit EPS Crime Prevention.