Available social services and resources 

The Fulton Meadows Community League is composed of Maple Crest, Tamarack, Tamarack Common and Aster subdivisions, recently received a request for funds for a family in need.  As a community league our focus is on the group rather than the individual however, individuals are the group so their needs must be met. To do this, we are developing a plan to gather finances to pay for such requests (your input is welcome if you have an idea you would like to share) and we are offering free social work services starting today.  Social workers focus on the resources within the city and can offer services related to food, clothing, shelter, finances and other concerns you may have.  

If you feel uncomfortable speaking to a person about your needs, you can use your browser and type in AB.211.ca .  These free or low cost resources provide support and access for:


Financial Supports (Help paying utility bills/rent, tax services, emergency assistance/food vouchers) 

Food resources and basic needs


Emergency/Crisis (Crisis line, Urgent Care/ambulances, mental health

…and many more resources.

Access resources from your browser:


Choose How We Help

Choose Finances (or whatever you are looking for – the list is a series of icons)

If you prefer to speak with someone but not someone local to your neighbourhood, you can call 211.  This resource has the same information but it is provided by a real person.  Sometimes that helps because you can ask questions to ensure you get exactly what you need.  

If all of this feels intimidating, you can call me directly.  My name is Jan, I’m a retired social worker and I’m here to help.  We are fortunate to live in the City of Edmonton because this city has developed many resources.  No matter what is getting in your way of feeling secure, together we can find the resources to resolve the issue.

The community league understands that asking for help can be difficult and for some, it can feel humiliating.  Most of us are good at giving but not so good at asking.  If it makes it easier for you, we can email information back and forth. My email is jh56@telus.net  

Because we must show in our books how we spend the FMCL dollars, we are required to have your name, address and phone number. Be assured that your information will be not be disclosed at any time and will be destroyed after one year.  

How to Make a Request:

Phone/Text: 780.236.2340

Email:  jh56@telus.net

In-person (Covid19 restrictions apply).  

We are unable to accommodate third party requests.

To those who are experiencing challenges now, call me today.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely Yours,

Janet Hume

FMCL Civic Director & Community Connections