Community League newsletters are released up to three times a year - fall, winter and spring/summer. See the current and past ones below.  Residents within the boundaries of the community league may have received copies of these newsletters by hand delivery, mail or email.

Efforts will be made to provide copies of the newsletter translated into other languages, when possible. If you can help with translating, please contact


February 2020 NRC Update


Spring/Summer Newsletter

**Clarification regarding 'all facility' family passes: Discounted City of Edmonton Attractions and Recreation Centre passes are available to community league members only,  for a limited time,  while supplies last.  Please note that resale of the passes is prohibited.  They are to be used for volunteer appreciation and membership purchase incentives only.


Fall/Winter Newsletter


Winter Newsletter


Spring Newsletter


Fall Newsletter
Spring/Summer Newsletter (not available at this time)
Winter Newsletter


Fall Newsletter


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