​​​If you are interested in filling a vacant position

or becoming a member at large, please send

inquiries to info@fultonmeadows.org

click here to contact us, or attend a monthly

meeting. We always welcome volunteers and

new members!

PRESIDENT                 Corinna Mulyk            president@fultonmeadows.org
VICE PRESIDENT        Alicia Heidrick             vicepresident@fultonmeadows.org
SECRETARY                 vacant                         secretary@fultonmeadows.org    
TREASURER                Roneale Wynnyk        treasurer@fultonmeadows.org

MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR                  Harvinder Mander      membership@fultonmeadows.org
PROGRAMS & SPORTS DIRECTOR   Paul Dhaliwal              programs@fultonmeadows.org
SOCIAL & GAMING DIRECTOR         Tricia White                  social@fultonmeadows.org

CIVICS DIRECTOR                               Harvinder Mander      civics@fultonmeadows.org
MEDIA DIRECTOR                              Andrew Liu                   info@fultonmeadows.org 
LEGAL DIRECTOR                               Idowu Ohioze              

Other Positions.
NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH ZONE LEADER      Carla Virdee     neighbourhoodwatch@fultonmeadows.org