League meetings typically happen the 3rd Monday of each month (from September to June). Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or check out our Upcoming Events  section for changes and seasonal closures. Everyone is welcome to attend!

our vision

"To encourage and promote amateur games and exercises, recreation, and friendly activities to our members; to advocate for outdoor spaces for community use and promote green, sustainable living; and to foster and promote diversity and multicultural engagement within the community."

- FMCL Bylaws, 2012



​​Fulton Meadows consists of the neighbourhoods of Tamarack, Maple Crest, Tamarack Common, and Aster. The geographic area served by the League is the part of City of Edmonton bound to the north by Whitemud Drive, to the west by 17 Street, and to the east and south by Anthony Henday Drive.

Fulton Meadows Community League was registered with the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues in 2012 to create a community organization for residents of Tamarack, Maple Crest, and "Neighbourhood 5" (Now "Aster"). Recently, Tamarack Common has been added to the area serviced by the League.

Since its inception, FMCL has worked with members to plan community-wide events, promote Free Swim Nights, host fundraising activities and more. With the continued growth of Fulton Meadows, FMCL is blossoming into a diverse and community-focused league. 

The following link is directed to the bylaws of Fulton Meadows Community League:

What's in a name???

With input and ideas from the public, Fulton Meadows Community League was named.

"Fulton" - the name of the original family that farmed the land where the four neighbourhoods are located


"Meadows" - taken from the City of Edmonton's name for the area of the city where Fulton Meadows is located.


Fulton Meadows Community League